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Previous Flights

Here are some pictures from previous flights of the ARCADE instrument.

2005 Campaign

2005 Payload ARCADE payload in 2005 with intern Luke Lowe for scale. The 2005 flight was the first flight of the full 7-channel instrument.
2005 Balloon Inflation Inflating the balloon prior to the 2005 launch. The 2005 payload flew on a 29 million cubic foot helium balloon.
2005 Balloon Layout Layout prior to the 2005 launch. The payload is visible dangling from the "Tiny Tim" launch vehicle at the left. The inflated balloon is at the right, with the parachute and flight train connecting the two.
2005 Launch Release! The 2005 payload has launched! The parachute is clearly visible below the balloon.
2005 payload recovery What goes up ... The 2005 payload was successfully recovered on a hill in western Texas. The V-shaped reflective shield that normally sits over the aperture to hide the flight train from view of the antennas can be seen to the right of the dewar.

2003 Campaign

2003 Payload The 2003 payload carried 2 channels at 10 and 30 GHz. Here the entire payload sits in the high bay in Palestine, Texas prior to launch. The dewar is in the center, with arms holding the ascent lid to the right.
Photon's eye view of 2003 payload Photon's eye view of the 2003 payload. The aperture plane at center is surrounded by the stainless steel cold flares. The cylinder wrapped in multi-layer insulation is the external calibrator. To its right, the 10 GHz antenna aperture can be seen. The warm electronics are at the extreme left of the picture.
2003 Launch 2003 payload at launch.

2001 Campaign

Marmot and heater Marmot the mascot helps debug the 2001 flight electronics.
2001 Pre-Launch The launch vehicle holds the 2001 payload prior to launch. The 2001 flight first demonstrated the feasibility of the ARCADE cryogenic open-aperture design.
2001 Launch The 2001 payload launches from Ft Sumner, New Mexico.
2001 payload recovery The 2001 payload came down in a ravine near Roswell, New Mexico, and had to be disassembled and flown out in pieces on a helicopter.
Dewar label at recovery Some landings are easier than others ...