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1Based on observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology under a contract with NASA.

2JWST Fellow, NASA Postdoctoral Program, ORAU, P.O. Box 117, MS 36, Oak Ridge, TN 37831

3NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, MC 665, 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD 20771; rubab.m.khan,

4Dept. of Astronomy, The Ohio State University, 140 W. 18th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210; kstanek,

5Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics, The Ohio State University, 191 W. Woodruff Ave., Columbus, OH 43210

Spitzer Catalog of $7$ Galaxies

Khan et al. 2015(b)


We present Spitzer IRAC $3.6-8\,\micron$ and MIPS $24\,\micron$ point-source catalogs for seven galaxies: NGC$6822$, M$33$, NGC$300$, NGC$2403$, M$81$, NGC$0247$, and NGC$7793$. The catalogs contain a total of $\sim300,000$ sources and were created by dual-band selection of sources with $>3\sigma $ detections at both $3.6\,\micron$ and $4.5\,\micron$. The source lists become incomplete near $m_{3.6}=m_{4.5}\simeq18$. We complement the $3.6\,\micron$ and $4.5\,\micron$ fluxes with $5.8\,\micron$, $8.0\,\micron$ and $24\,\micron$ fluxes or $3\sigma$ upper limits using a combination of PSF and aperture photometry. This catalog is a resource as an archive for studying mid-infrared transients and for planning observations with the James Webb Space Telescope.

-- catalogs -- surveys -- techniques: photometric -- infrared: stars -- galaxies: individual (NGC$6822$, M$33$, NGC$300$, NGC$2403$, M$81$, NGC$0247$, and NGC$7793$)

Spitzer Point-Source Catalogs of $\sim300,000$ Stars in Seven Nearby Galaxies1

Rubab Khan2,3, K. Z. Stanek4,5, C. S. Kochanek4,5, G. Sonneborn3

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Rubab Khan 2015-05-31