Rodrigo Nemmen

NASA Research Scientist


The physics of black hole accretion flows

The interplay between accretion, black hole spin and jet formation

Connections between AGNs, gamma-ray bursts and black hole binaries

Fermi gamma-ray observations of jets in AGNs

The nature of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays


Research Interests

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

8800 Greenbelt Road

Mail Code 661, bldg 34, room S219

Greenbelt, MD 20771

I am an astrophysicist seeking the answers to fundamental questions about black holes in the universe: how do they swallow up matter? how does part of that infalling matter manages to escape their fatal attraction and power ultra-fast beams (or jets) shooting away from the black hole? how are black holes born?

I work at the interface between theory and observations and I study astronomical observations obtained with several ground and space observatories in a huge range of wavelengths, including radio, infrared, optical, X-ray and gamma-rays.


Credit: Biretta et al., NASA

Credit: NASA/JPL