The Recent WR140 X-ray RXTE Lightcurve

X-RAY brightness vs. phase
Recent X-RAY brightness vs. phase, all pcus
X-RAY brightness vs. time with quicklook data X-RAY brightness and V-band lightcurve

Click on the images above to view the RXTE WR140 lightcurve.

Processed observations through 2011-12-23.
Quicklook observations through 2009-04-15.

The last image above is an optical lightcurve kindly provided by Sergey Marchenko.
Phases are calculated according to the following ephemeris:

HJD X-ray minimum = 1985.2 + 7.9318E
NOTE: Period adopted is 2 days shorter than previous best estimate (Marchenko et al. 2003)

Schedule of RXTE observations of WR140

WR 140 wiki


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