Margaret Pan

[JPG -- mpan] Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 667
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Tel. +1 301-286-0454

Hi there.

I'm an NPP senior fellow in the exoplanets and stellar astrophysics group at NASA Goddard. I'm interested in planetary dynamics, debris disks, extrasolar planets, the Kuiper belt, planetary rings, and relativistic self-similar solutions; some of what I've been working on is on astro-ph and/or ADS. But I'm curious to hear about new things as well....

Before this I was at UC Berkeley, IAS, Caltech, and MIT -- a few more details are in my CV.

[PNG -- KBO collisional cascades] [JPG -- Exoplanet eccentricities]
[PNG -- Relativistic shock solutions] [PNG -- Lagrange points & analogues]