Extrasolar Planets in the Radio
The most favorable contrast between light from Jupiter and light from the sun is in the radio, not the mid-infrared! Here is some information about searching for extrasolar planets in radio emission.

Animated Image of Jupiter in the Radio

Animation from Imke De Pater's home page
More information on this VLA data from The Sydney Regional Scientific Visualisation Laboratory.
Websites about Radio Exoplanet Searches
Green Bank Telescope
Nancay Decameter Array
VLA and UTR-2 (in French)
Arecibo (SERENDIP)
Papers and Presentations on Radio Exoplanet Searches
Bastian, T. S., Dulk, G. A. & Leblanc, Y. 2000, ApJ, 545, 1058 ADS

De Pater, I. Presentation about Solar System Studies with LOFAR PDF

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Background Reading
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