Artist's Concept of a Planetary System NASA Goddard Extrasolar Planets Seminar

Talks from Previous Years

2010 Seminars
Organizers: John Debes, Hannah Jang-Condell, Marc Kuchner, & Aki Roberge
Jan 7: AAS Meeting & ExoPAG Meeting in Washington DC
Jan 14: Daniel Pendick (GSFC) "Science as Storytelling: How to Weave a Gripping Tale from Your Research to Engage and Inform the Public"
Jan 21: Carolyn Crow (U of MD) "Our Solar System at Low Spectral Resolution: A Starting Point for Characterizing Colors of Other Systems"
Jan 28: Third Annual Sciences & Exploration Directorate (Code 600) New Year's Poster Party
Feb 4: Angelle Tanner
(Georgia State)
"Planet Searches with Infrared Radial Velocities: Young and Low-mass Stars"
Feb 18: Soko Matsumura (U of MD) "Tidal Evolution of Transiting Planets"
Feb 25: Sergei Ipatov (Catholic U) "Velocities and Relative Amount of Material Ejected After the Deep Impact Collision"
Mar 10: Guillem Anglada
(Carnegie DTM)
"Precision Astrometry and Exoplanet Detection Around Nearby Cool Dwarfs"
Mar 24: Hannah Jang-Condell
(U of MD / GSFC)
"Hunting for Planets Around Young Stars Using Imaging"
Apr 1: Stella Kafka (Carnegie DTM)
Thursday (no fooling)
"Activity on the Secondary Stars of Cataclysmic Variables: Nature or Nurture?"
Apr 7: Mike Disanti (GSFC) "Comets as Fossils: An Emerging Compositional Taxonomy Through Infrared Spectroscopy"
Apr 21: Michael McElwain (Princeton) "Exoplanetary Science: Instrumentation, Observations, and Expectations"
May 12: Ravi Kopparapu (Penn State) "Dynamical Stability of Terrestrial-Mass Planets in the Habitable Zones of Known Systems"
June 2: Maxime Rizzo
(Universite de Toulouse)
"Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Realistic Simulations of ExoEarth Observations"
July 14: Joshua Pepper (Vanderbilt) "Tales from the Trenches of Exoplanet Discovery: KELT and MARVELS"
Aug 4: Peter Lawson (JPL) "Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions"
Aug 6: Jeanette Bast
(Leiden Observatory)
Friday, usual time & place
"Exploring the Chemical and Physical Structure of Terrestrial Planet-Forming Zones in Protoplanetary Disks with CO Line Profiles"
Sept 1: John Debes (GSFC) "The Link Between Dusty White Dwarfs and Planetary Systems"
Sept 8: Herschel and the Formation of Stars and Planetary Systems Conference in Saro Sweden
Sept 15: Discussion of exoplanets in the Astro2010 Decadal Report
Sept 22: David Bennett (Notre Dame) "The Most Common Exoplanets Known: Cold Neptunes and Saturns from Microlensing"
Sept 29: Thayne Currie (GSFC)
Oct 6: DPS Meeting in Pasadena CA
Oct 19: David Spiegel (Princeton)
Tuesday at 12 PM
"Climatic Habitability, Generalized Milankovitch Cycles, and Theory of Giant Exoplanets"
Oct 21: Ruslan Belikov (NASA Ames)
Thursday at 2 PM in
Room E256
"Beyond Kepler: Direct Imaging of Exo-Earths"
Oct 27: In the Spirit of Lyot Conference in Paris France
Nov 3: Xavier Koenig (GSFC) "WISE and Spitzer Observations of Intermediate Mass Stars: In Pursuit of Planet Formation"
Nov 18: John Gizis (U of Deleware)
Thursday at 1:30 PM
"M Dwarfs in the Mid-Infrared"
Dec 2: Gerard van Belle (ESO)
"Commissioning Results from the VLTI PRIMA Facility"
Dec 8: Donald Terndrup (NSF) "Exoplanet Research at NSF Astronomy"
Dec 15: Wladimir Lyra (AMNH) "Layered accretion in protoplanetary disks: Interplay between the magneto-rotational and baroclinic instabilities"

2009 Seminars
Organizers: Aki Roberge, Marc Kuchner, & Hannah Jang-Condell
Jan 8: AAS Meeting in Long Beach CA
Jan 15: Rob Olling (U of MD) "Astrometric & Photometric Detection & Characterization of (massive) Extra-Solar Planets"
Jan 22: Fergal Mullally (Princeton) "Planets, Debris Disks, and White Dwarf Stars"
Jan 29: John Chambers
(Carnegie DTM)
"Planet Formation, Oligarchic Growth, and Planetary Migration"
Feb 2: Andrew Youdin (CITA)
Monday at 3:00 PM
Special Exoplanets Seminar -- "Planetesimal Formation by Gravitational Collapse"
Feb 5: Remi Soummer (STScI) "Exoplanet Community Report on Direct Optical Imaging" & "Recent Thoughts About Using a Starshade with JWST"
Feb 12: Brian Wood (NRL) "Stellar Wind Evolution and its Effects on Disks and Planetary Atmospheres"
Feb 19: Dinshaw Balsara
(Notre Dame)
"Dust Settling in Turbulent Protostellar Accretion Disks"
Alternate location: Building 21, Room 242
Feb 26: Thayne Currie (Harvard) "The Time History of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution As Reconstructed From Spitzer"
Mar 4: Wes Traub (JPL)
Wednesday at 1:00 PM
Special Exoplanets Seminar -- "Can Earth-Twins be Characterized with Transits?"
Mar 5: Tracy Beck (STScI) "Near Infrared Spectral Imaging of the Inner 200 AU Environments of T Tauri Stars"
Mar 12: Susan Benecchi (STScI) "Kuiper Belt Binaries and Collision Families: Probes of our Local Dust Disk"
Mar 19: National Capital Area Disks Meeting II at U of MD
Mar 26: Evgenya Shkolnik
(Carnegie DTM)
"In Search of Magnetic Star-Planet Interactions: A Probe of Exoplanetary B-fields"
Apr 2: Demos Kazanas (GSFC) "Exact Solutions of the Isothermal Lane-Emden Equation with Rotation and Implications for the Formation of Planets and Satellites"
Apr 16: Dennis Bodewits (GSFC) "Cometary X-rays & Charge Exchange in the Solar Sytem"
Apr 23: Missions for Exoplanets: 2010-2020 Meeting in Pasadena CA
Apr 30: Dimitri Veras (U of Florida) "Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU"
May 7: The Search for Life in the Universe Symposium at STScI
May 8: Jian Ge (U of Florida)
Friday at 10:30 AM
Special Exoplanets Seminar -- "The SDSS-III Multi-object APO Radial-Velocity Exoplanet Large-area Survey"
Alternate location: Building 2, Room 8
May 14, 21, 28: Seminar on vacation while Room 183 in B21 is renovated.
June 4: James Muzerolle (STScI) "Protoplanetary Disks with AU-scale Inner Holes and Gaps: Signposts of Planet Formation?"
June 25: Ben Sargent (STScI) "Dust Processing and Grain Growth in Protoplanetary Disks"
July 9: Rosemary Killen (GSFC) "Mercury's Exosphere: Composition, Variability and Implications for Source and Loss of Volatiles"
July 16: Nelly Mouawad (U of MD) "Mercury's Sodium Exosphere: Space and Ground-Based Observations"
July 30: Andrew Rivkin (JHU-APL) "Studying the Vermin: Asteroid Science for Astrophysicists"
Seminar on vacation for the month of August.
Sept 3: Paul Butler
(Carnegie DTM)
"The Expanding Doppler Planet Search"
Sept 17: Brian Jackson (GSFC) "Tides and Exoplanets"
Alternate location: Building 21, Room 242
Sept 24: Nick Cowan
(U of Washington)
"Alien Maps of an Ocean-Bearing World"
Oct 1: Marshall Perrin (UCLA) "Investigating Planetesimal Assembly in Circumstellar Disks Using Coronagraphic Polarimetry"
Oct 8: William Ward (GSFC) "Introduction to High Performance Computing Capabilities at GSFC"
Oct 15: Catherine Neish (JHU-APL) "Titan's Primordial Soup"
Oct 22: Women in Astronomy 2009 Meeting in College Park MD
Oct 29: Patricia Boyd (GSFC) "Kepler: NASA's First Dedicated Exoplanet Space Mission"
Nov 5: From Circumstellar Disks to Planetary Systems Meeting in Garching, Germany
Nov 12: Sagan/Michelson Fellows Symposium at Caltech
Nov 19: Daniel Apai (STScI) "Gas Giants Beyond the Solar System: Direct Imaging and Eclipse Observations of Hot Exoplanets"
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 3: Nicholas Moskovitz (Carnegie DTM) "Cores, Crusts, and Collisions: A Story of Early Planetesimal Evolution"
Dec 10: Matt Mountain (STScI) "Characterizing Exoplanets -- A View from Baltimore"
Alternate Location: Building 34, Room E215
Dec 17: Doug Hamilton (U of MD) "Saturn's Largest Ring"
Dec 24, 31: Happy Holidays

2008 Seminars
Organizers: Aki Roberge, Marc Kuchner, & Daniel Jontof-Hutter
Jan 16: John Carr (NRL)
Alternate day
"Organic Molecules and Water in Protoplanetary Disks"
Jan 17: Francis O'Donovan (GSFC) "The Detection and Exploration of Planets from the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanets Survey (TrES)"
Jan 24: Stephen Ridgeway
"Conversations on Optical Interferometry: Extended Stellar Atmospheres, Planning for the Future, and the IAU"
Jan 31: John Debes (CIW-DTM) "Tracking Planetesimals from the Cradle to the Grave"
Feb 7: Casey Lisse (JHU-APL) "Dusty Disks & Comets: Clues to the Formation and Evolution of the Solar System"
Feb 20: Jonathan Levine
(U of Chicago)
Alternate day
"Nuclear Astrophysics on the Micron Scale: Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Presolar Grains and Interplanetary Dust Particles"
Feb 21: Dan Durda
"Size-Frequency Distributions of Dust-Size Debris from the Impact Disruption of Chondritic Meteorites"
Mar 13: Doug Hamilton (U of MD)
Alternate time 4 PM
"Jupiter's Shadow Sculpts Its Gossamer Rings"
Mar 27: Henry Throop (SWRI) "Planet Formation in Young Star Clusters"
Apr 10: Ruslan Belikov (GSFC) "The Search for Other Earths: High Contrast Coronagraphy at Princeton"
Apr 17: Vladimir Airapetian (Catholic U/GSFC) "Auroral Processes and Atmospheric Response of Jupiters Around Red Giants"
Apr 24: Frank Shu
(UC San Diego)
"Protoplanetary Disks and YSO Jets"
May 8: Claudia Knez (U of MD) "Ice Composition in Dense Molecular Clouds"
May 15: Ron Allen (STScI) "The Space Interferometry Mission: Taking the Measure of the Universe"
May 27: Kaspar von Braun (MSC)
Alternate Day
"Directly Determined Radii and Effective Surface Temperatures of Exoplanet Host Stars"
June 5: Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM) "Compositions of Circumstellar Disks and Implications for Planets Within Them"
Oct 2: Stephen Redman
(Penn State)
"PRVS Pathfinder: Achieving Precision Radial Velocities in the Near-Infrared"
Oct 9: Christine Chen (STScI) "The Origin and Evolution of Dust and Gas in Debris Disks"
Oct 16: Marty Bitner (STScI) "H2 Emission from Protoplanetary Disks"
Oct 23: Marc Kuchner (GSFC) "The Historical Record of Zodiacal Dust and What it Means for TPF" & "Measuring Dwarf Planets With SIM"
Oct 30: No talk -- Spitzer Disks Conference in Pasadena CA
Nov 6: Geronimo Villanueva (GSFC) "Mapping of Biomarker Gases on Mars: Evidence for Local Release"
Nov 13: John Debes (GSFC)
Nov 17: Rory Barnes (U of AZ)
Monday at 3:30 PM
Building 2, Room 8
Special (Exo)Planetary Seminar -- "Planetary Habitability Near Low-Mass Stars"
Nov 20: Ilaria Pascucci (JHU) "The Clearing of Protoplanetary Disks and of the Solar Nebula -- How Common is the History of the Solar System?"
Nov 27: No talk -- Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 4: Pavel Machalek (STScI)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"Thermal Emission of Exoplanets with Spitzer"
Dec 11: Sally Heap (GSFC) "The Direct Path to Finding Earth-Like Planets"
Dec 18: Derek Richardson
(U of MD)
"Rotational Breakup as the Origin of Small Binary Asteroids"

2007 Seminars
Organizers: Marc Kuchner, Aki Roberge, & Daniel Jontof-Hutter
Jan. 18: Ruslan Belikov (Princeton) "Toward 1010 Contrast for Terrestrial Exoplanet Detection: High Contrast Imaging with a Shaped Pupil Coronagraph"
Jan. 25: Avi Mandell (GSFC) "Using NIR Emission Lines to Trace the Thermodynamics of Circumstellar Disks"
Feb. 8: Daniel Jontof-Hutter
(U of MD)
"The Effect of Gas Drag and Radiation Pressure on Dust Around Beta Pictoris"
Mar. 1: Chris Stark (U of MD) "Debris Disk Structures Induced by Terrestrial-Mass Planets"
Mar. 8: Sally Heap (GSFC) "The Terrestrial Planet Finder - Occulter"
Mar. 15: Tim Livengood (GSFC) "Quirks of the Planets (That We Know About)"
Mar. 22: Margaret Turnbull (STScI) "Homes Away from Home: Life Among the Stars"
Mar. 29: Ian Jordan (STScI) "External Occultation: Past, Present, and Future"
Apr. 5: Mercedes Lopez-Morales (CIW-DTM) "High-Precision Transit Photometry: Radii, Albedos, and Satellites of Extrasolar Planets"
Apr. 12: Jeff Valenti (STScI)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"The Link Between Stellar Metallicity and Planets"
Apr. 19: Guillem Anglada (University of Barcelona) "The Gaia (ESA) Mission Overview: From Exoplanets to Fundamental Physics Across the Galaxy"
May 3: Robert Naeye (GSFC) "My Experience in the Magazine Business and the Journalist/Scientist Relationship"
May 10: Egemen Kolemen (Princeton) "Dynamics and Control of an Occulter-Based Planet-Finding Mission"
May 24: David Lary (GSFC) "Modeling and Data Assimilation for Planetary Atmospheres"
June 14: Doug Hamilton (U of MD)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"Neptunian Satellites: Origins and Evolution"
July 12: Christine Chen (NOAO)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"IRS Spectroscopy of IRAS Discovered Debris Disks"
July 19: Vladimir Airapetian (Catholic U/GSFC)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"Extrasolar Planets in the Radio"
Aug. 13: Jason Steffen (Fermilab)
Alternate day and time
Monday at 2 PM
"Detecting Terrestrial Planets in Transiting Planetary Systems"
Sept. 27: Alan Boss (CIW-DTM) Alternate time 10:30 AM "A Heretic's Approach to Solar System Formation"
Oct. 4: Scott Sheppard
"Completing the Inventory of the Outer Solar System"
Oct. 18: Mike Mumma (GSFC)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"Astrobiology at Goddard Space Flight Center"
Oct. 25: Nicolas Iro (GSFC) "A Time-Dependent Model for Extrasolar Planet Atmospheres"
Nov. 1: Sean Solomon
"The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury: Seeking Clues to the Formation and Evolution of the Inner Solar System"
Nov. 8: Peter McCullough
"XO Planets: Very Recent Results from the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes"
Nov. 29: Lee Mundy (U of MD) Alternate time 11:30 AM "Insights into Star Formation and Dust Properties from the Spitzer c2d Legacy Project"
Dec. 6: David Golimowski
"Coronagraphic Imaging of Dusty Debris Disks: Sifting the Rubble of Planet Formation"
Dec. 13: Ludmilla Kolokolova
(U of MD)
"What We Can Learn About Cosmic Dust from Photopolarimetric and Thermal Infrared Data: Example of Comet Dust"
Dec. 20: Dave Spiegel
(Columbia U)
"Climatic Habitability"

2006 Seminars
Organizers: Marc Kuchner & Aki Roberge
Jan 12: No seminar due to AAS meeting in Washington DC
Jan 19: Arsen Hajian (USNO) "The Dispersed FTS: A New Tool for Planet Hunting"
Feb 2: Kailash Sahu (STScI) "The Discovery of a New 5.5 Earth mass planet Using Microlensing"
Feb 16: Tony Mallama "Orbital Phase Curves of the Terrestrial Planets"
Feb 23: Bill Oegerle (GSFC) "Dust Disks and Planets (?) Around Massive Stars"
March 2: Hannah Jang-Condell (CIW-DTM)
March 16: No seminar due to TPF-C STDT meeting
March 23: Sara Seager (CIW-DTM) "From Hot Jupiters to Hot Earths"
March 30: No seminar due to Astrobiology Science Conference (Washington DC)
March 31: Ted von Hippel (UT Austin)
April 6: Jeremy Richardson (GSFC)
April 13: Graeme Lufkin (U of MD)
April 20: Ke Zhang (U of MD)
April 27: Steve Lubow (STScI)
May 11: Harri Vanhala (USRA/NCESSE)
May 18: Fred Ciesla (CIW-DTM)
May 25: Giovanna Tinetti
(Institut d'Astrophysique
de Paris)
"Characterizing Extrasolar Planets with Reflected, Emitted and Transmitted Spectra"
June 29: Bradford Behr (USNO)
Sept 14: Alan Boss (CIW-DTM) "Gas Giant Planet Formation: Theory vs. Observation"
Oct. 5: Discussion of "Hubble Finds Extrasolar Planets Far Across Galaxy"
Oct. 12: Inga Kamp (STScI) "The Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks: Boundary Conditions for Planet Formation"
Oct. 26: Carol Grady (GSFC)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"The Disk and Environment of a Young Vega Analog : HD169142"
Nov. 16: Dave Chuss (GSFC)
Alternate location
Building 21, Room 242
Discussion of "Rounding up the Wanderers: Optimizing Coronagraphic Searches for Extrasolar Planets" by Eric Agol
Nov. 30: Rich Barry (GSFC) "Interferometric Observations of the Nova RS Ophiuchi"
Dec. 7: John Debes (CIW-DTM)
Alternate location
Building 2, Room 8
"Red, Grey, and Blue: The Different Albedo Spectra of Resolved Circumstellar Disks"
Dec. 14: John Wisniewski (GSFC) "Resolved and Unresolved Structure in Circumstellar Disks"

2005 Seminars
Organizer: Marc Kuchner
Sept 22: Bruce Woodgate (GSFC) "The 10th Planet"
Sept 29: Bill Danchi (GSFC)
Oct 13: Discussion of Direct Imaging of Exoplanets Meeting (Nice, France)
Oct 20: No seminar due to Nearby Resolved Debris Disks Meeting (STScI)
Oct 27: Rick Lyon "Coronagraphic Nulling for Exo-Solar Planetary Detection and Characterization"
Nov 10: Mark Clampin (GSFC)
Nov 16: Marc Kuchner (GSFC)
Alternate day
"Reading the Resonant Signatures of Planets in Debris Disks"
Stellar and Extragalactic Lunch Talk
Nov 17: Amir Giveon (Princeton) and Ron Shiri (GSFC) Amir's Powerpoint, Ron's Powerpoint
Dec 1: Dominic Benford (GSFC) "Resolving and Searching for Debris Disks in the Submillimeter"
Dec 8: Johannes Staguhn "Probing Protoplanetary Disks and Extrasolar Planets with the Suborbital Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)"
Dec 15: Drake Deming (GSFC)