General Astrophysics and Comparative Planetology with TPF

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Workshop: April 14+15, 2004
Princeton University Department of Astrophysical sciences
Princeton, NJ 08544

Directory containing the current draft of the white paper. 10/6/04
The draft is split into several manageable files containing chapters or sections.

Compelling Figures 4/16/04

The goal of this workshop is to produce a document on the ancillary science capabilities of TPF for presentation to the CAA. Please bring a compelling figure illustrating some ancillary science you would like to see done with TPF or an instrument modification for TPF. Please consider:

1) The four mission concepts summarized below: large and small versions of the Infrared Interferometer and the Visible-Light Coronagraph TPF designs.

2) Will the science you propose will be done with other telescopes (e.g. JWST, large ground-based telescopes)?

This meeting will combine short, focused presentations with working time; bring your laptop and your memory stick!
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Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, April 14
You can't change the mission (much).
0830 TPF Introduction
Marc Kuchner/Zlatan Tsvetanov/Chas Beichman Schultz 107
0900 Interferometer Performance, including trivial extensions.
Bertrand Mennesson "
0930 Coronagraph Performance, including trivial extensions
Tony Hull "
1000 Coffee
1015 Giant Planets in the IR+Visible
Sara Seager "
1100 Star Formation+Circumstellar Disks with 10-50 mas resolution in the mid-IR Hal Yorke/Rachel Akeson "
1145 Lunch and David Leisawitz's Wunch Talk
Peyton Auditorium
1330 Extragalactic Science in the Mid-IR Huub Rottgering Schultz 107
1400 Short Talks (mostly about science with basic capabilities and trivial extensions) Ken Johnston, Ben Lane, Sara Heap, Orsola De Marco "
1430 Writing in two subgroups: interferometer (Ted von Hippel) and Coronagraph (Karl Stapelfeldt) Shultz 318 and 418
1600 Subgroup Reports von Hippel/ Stapelfeldt Shultz 107
Conference Dinner

Thursday, April 15
New Observing Modes
0900 New Instrument modes: Interferometer David Leisawitz Shultz 107
0930 New Instrument modes: Coronagraph Tony Hull/Bruce Woodgate "
1000 Coffee
1015 Coronagraph Science David Spergel "
1045 Interferometer Science: Report from Darwin Huub Rottgering "
1115 Short Talks about extended capabilities Simon Dedeo, Dejan Vinkovic, Don Lindler Shultz 107
1200 Lunch Frist Center Dining Hall
1330 Writing in Subgroups till 1600 Shultz 318, 418
1500 Tour of Princeton TPF Lab: Coronagraph Subgroup Jeremy Kasdin E Quad
1530 Tour of Princeton TPF Lab: Interferometer Subgroup Jeremy Kasdin E Quad
1600 Reports from Subgroups Von Hippel/ Stapelfeldt Shultz 107
1700 Discussion, Final Writing Assignments "

Visiting Conference Attendees:

Rachel Akeson (JPL)
Carol Ambruster (Villanova)
Chas Beichman (JPL)
Jim Breckinridge (JPL)
Phil Crane (NASA Headquarters)
Bill Danchi (Goddard)
Orsola De Marco (AMNH)
Sara Heap (Goddard)
Tony Hull (JPL)
Ken Johnston (Naval Observatory)
Ben Lane (MIT)
Rene Liseau (Stockholm)
David Leisawitz (Goddard)
Bertrand Mennesson (JPL)
Charlie Noecker (Ball Aerospace)
Huub Rottgering (Leiden University)
Sara Seager (Carnegie DTM)
Bill Sparks (Space Telescope)
Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL)
Steve Unwin (JPL)
Thangasamy Velusamy (JPL)
Ted von Hippel (U. Texas, Austin)
Zlatan Tsvetanov (NASA Headquarters)
Bruce Woodgate (Goddard)
Harold Yorke (JPL)
Local Attendees:

Michael Carr
Simon DeDeo
Amir Give'on
Mario Juric
Jeremy Kasdin
Gillian Knapp
Marc Kuchner
Deqing Ren
David Spergel
Michael Strauss
Ed Turner
Bob Vanderbei
Dejan Vinkovic
James Wray

Base Missions

6.5-17 microns for terrestrial planet search and other deep nulling appications, 3-27 microns for ancillary science (assuming BIB Si:As detector), R=20
Gene and Bertrand's memo on TPF Interferometer basic imaging capabilities.

four apertures,
3.2 m diameter each spaced along a 36m array at 0,9, 27, 36 m.

four apertures,
4.0 m diameter each, unevenly spaced along a 70 m free-flying array expandable to 150m

0.5-0.8 microns for terrestrial planet search, 0.35-1.05 microns for ancillary science (deep nulls 0.5-1.05 microns), FOV=25x25 arcsec (2.5x2.5 arcsec for deep nulls), R=70
Tony Hull's TPF Coronagraph Transmission Curves

New! Coronagraph Performance Summary

3.5 by 6.5 m
3.5 by 14m segmented array

References and Links

TPF Website

"The Future of High Angular Resolution Star and Planet Formation Science in the Optical/Infrared" by Lynne A. Hillenbrand

"Hubble's Science Legacy: Future Optical/UV Astronomy from Space" Ken Sembach and Chris Blades, eds.

Science Case for AURA GSMT (30 meter ground-based optical telescope)

Marc's Talk on Ancillary Science at the February SWG meeting

Workshop on Science with Very large Space Telescopes
Feb 23-24, Space Telescope Science Institute

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

Atacama Large Millimeter Array

James Webb Space Telescope

Science Case for MIRI the JWST mid-IR camera.

Marc's slightly outdated website on 30 m ground-based telescopes

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