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Our brand-new paper is published in Nature!  (I've contributed as a corresponding author)

Promoted to Associate Research Scientist on July 1st

Our recent paper is highlighted in Nature Astronomy

About Me

Current Position: Associate Research Scientist (Research Faculty) at Department of Astronomy,
The University of Maryland, but usually working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Visiting Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Previous Positions: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (2011-2013)
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) (2008-2011)
PhD Thesis: Kyoto University (2008)
Supervisor: Prof. Katsuji Koyama
Title: X-Ray Study of Ejecta-Dominated Supernova Remnants with Suzaku
Research Interest: Supernovae and supernova remnants, particularly of Type Ia
Clusters of galaxies
Cosmic chemical evolution
Atomic Processes
Research Philosophy: Pursuing discovery of new astrophysical phenomena or diagnostics based on the knowledge of fundamental physics (which doesn't include 'new measurements' on individual objects)
Private: I have two kids, Owen and Andy (whose "naming-fathers" are Randall and Rob, respectively)

Awards (Individual Achievements)

NASA's Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (2016 Agency Honor Awards) [photo]
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), September 2016

2015 Robert H. Goddard Honor Awards [photo]
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, March 2016

8th Award of Promotion of Space Science [photo]
Society for Promotion of Space Science, March 2016

9th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
The Physical Society of Japan, March 2015

The No.1 Poster Award for Special Postdoctoral Researchers' Presentation
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), March 2011

Publications (Selected List)

Solar abundance ratios of the iron-peak elements in the Perseus cluster
Hitomi Collaboration (2017) [Corresponding authors: Yamaguchi & Matsushita]  Nature, 551, 478 

The Origin of the Iron-rich Knot in Tycho's Supernova Remnant
Yamaguchi, Hughes, Badenes, et al. (2017)  The Astrophysical Journal, 834, 124 
Highlighted in Nature Astronomy, Vol. 1, 0017

A Chandrasekhar Mass Progenitor for the Type Ia Supernova Remnant 3C 397 from the Enhanced Abundances of Nickel and Manganese
Yamaguchi, Badenes, Foster, et al. (2015)  The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 801, L31  (Atomic Data)
Frequently cited!

Discriminating the Progenitor Type of Supernova Remnants with Iron K-shell Emission
Yamaguchi, Badenes, Petre, et al. (2014)  The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 785, L27
Frequently cited!

New Evidence for Efficient Collisionless Heating of Electrons at the Reverse Shock of a Young Supernova Remnant
Yamaguchi, Eriksen, Badenes, et al. (2014)  The Astrophysical Journal, 780, 136

Discovery of Strong Radiative Recombination Continua from the Supernova Remnant IC 443 with Suzaku
Yamaguchi, Ozawa, Koyama, et al. (2009)  The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 705, L6

X-Ray Spectroscopy of SN 1006 with Suzaku
Yamaguchi, Koyama, Katsuda, et al. (2008)  Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 60, S141

Other Refereed Papers  (16 lead-author papers as of November 2017)

Press Releases

Hitomi Mission Glimpses Cosmic 'Recipe' for the Nearby Universe (Nov 2017);  Based on this result
Yamaguchi, Loewenstein, Kelley (NASA/GSFC), & Matsushita (TUS)
Other site: JAXA (Japanese) 

Suzaku Studies Supernova `Crime Scene,' Shows a Single White Dwarf to Blame (Apr 2015);  Based on this result
Yamaguchi, Williams (NASA/GSFC), & Badenes (Pitt)
Other site: Univ. of Md;  Media: Astro Arts (Japanese), etc.

Iron 'Fingerprints' Point Astronomers to Supernova Suspects (Jul 2014);  Based on this result
Yamaguchi, Petre (NASA/GSFC), & Badenes (Pitt)

Mach 1000 Shock Wave Lights Supernova Remnant (Nov 2013);  Based on this result
Yamaguchi, Smith, & Brickhouse (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Media: Discover Magazine CS Monitor Smithsonian Magazine, etc.

Asymmetric Explosion of "Standard Candle" Supernova (Japanese) (Jul 2013);  Based on this result
Uchida, Koyama (Kyoto), & Yamaguchi (CfA)

Suzaku Finds "Fossil" Fireballs from Supernovae (Dec 2009);  Based on this and this results
Yamaguchi (RIKEN) & Ozawa (Kyoto)
Other site: RIKEN Research;  Media: Newton, JST Science News, etc.

Invited Talks (since 2017)

The First Non-Dispersive High Resolution Spectroscopy of an X-Ray Bright Galaxy Cluster
The 232nd American Astronomical Society Meeting, Denver, CO, Jun 3-7, 2018

Supernova Remnant Science with AXIS
Mondello Workshop 2018: Frontier Research in Astrophysics III, Palermo, Italy, May 28-Jun 2, 2018

Metal Abundances of the Perseus Cluster
SnowCluster - The Physics of Galaxy Clusters, Salt Lake City, UT, Mar 18-23, 2018

Progenitor Characteristics Revealed in Supernova Remnants
Observational Signatures of Type Ia Supernovae III, Leiden, Netherlands, Feb 5-9, 2018

Thermonuclear Supernovae
The 30th Rironkon Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, Dec 25-27(←Are you sure?), 2017

X-Ray Studies of Clusters of Galaxies to Probe into the Type Ia Supernova Metal Enrichment
ISSI Workshop "Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology", Bern, Switzerland, Nov 20-24, 2017

Hitomi Observations of Collisional Plasmas and Atomic Data for Future High-Resolution Spectroscopy
AtomDB Workshop 2017, Athens, GA, Nov 2-3, 2017

X-Rays from Supernova Remnants: Now and Future
The Power of X-Ray Spectroscopy, Warsaw, Poland, Sep 6-8, 2017

Observations of Collisional Plasmas with Hitomi: Results and Open Questions
The 16th Meeting of AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division, Sun Valley, ID, Aug 20-24, 2017

Highlights from Hitomi Observations of Non-Perseus Targets
The 229th American Astronomical Society Meeting, Grapevine, TX, Jan 3-7, 2017


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