Diffractive optics for ultra-high angular resolution x-ray and gamma-ray astronomy

Some papers

Diffractive/refractive optics for high energy astronomy. I. Gamma-ray phase Fresnel lenses G. K. Skinner A&A 375, 691-700 (2001)

Diffractive-refractive optics for high energy astronomy. II. Variations on the theme G. K. Skinner A&A 383, 352-359 (2002)

Design and Imaging Performance of Achromatic Diffractive-Refractive X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Fresnel Lenses G. K. Skinner Appl. Optics 43 4845 (2004)

The Milli-Arc-Second Structure Imager, MASSIM: A new concept for a high angular resolution X-ray telescope G. K. Skinner et al. Proc.SPIE Vol. 7011 70110T (2008)

The MASSIM milli-arc second imager mission proposal

Massim a proposal submitted to NASA in response to the Advanced Strategic Mission Concept Studies opportunity, November 2007 (A milli-arc-second step towards the micro-arc-second regime).

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