Edward J. Sabol

Information available:

Hello! I am a senior programmer/analyst with ADNET Systems, Inc., working on-site at NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center, and a member of the HEASARC programming team. My areas of expertise here at work include Perl/C/C++/Fortran programming, Web development, database administration and interfacing, and client/server programming.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, born in the city and raised in the countryside and later the suburbs, I attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I graduated from CMU with a B.Sc. with University Honors (1992) and a M.Sc. (1994) in physics. In January 1995, I moved to Greenbelt, MD when I got my current job working at NASA.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, disc golf, and softball, shooting pool (eight-ball); going to the movies; listening to music (especially attending live concerts); reading; and spending time with my friends.

Version: 3.12
GS/CS/IT d(+) s: a C++$ UBLIO++(++++)$ P++++$ L++>+++ E++(+++) W++ N+(++)
!o K- w--- !O M++ V-- PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP++ t+(++) 5++(+++) X++ R>+ tv+(++)
b++(+) DI++ D++@ G(++) e+++ h(+) r-->++ y--


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