Code 660 Help Desk Request System Milestones

The Astrophysics Science Division system administration help desk gets roughly 2000 requests per year. We have a history of honoring the random individual who submits a request of a large round number. Some examples are shown below.

Request #50,000 (Sheila Rahming, March 11, 2019)

Sheila Rahming with cake for #50000
Photo by Jay Friedlander

Sheila submitted a request related to her PIV smartcard and card reader.
[Photo of System Team with Sheila]

Request #40,000 (Lorella Angelini, March 2, 2012)

Lorella Angelini with cake for #40000
Photo by David Friedlander

Lorella needed help with the cvs ("Concurrent Versions System") setup and logins for Astro-H.
[Photo of System Team with Lorella]

Request #30,000 (Bill Oegerle, Oct 23, 2006)

Bill Oegerle with cake for #30000
Photo by David Friedlander

Bill needed help setting up SMTP AUTH to avoid greylisting delays in sending email through milkyway when away from GSFC.

Request #20,000 (Dae-Il (Dale) Choi, March 6, 2002)

Dale Choi with Breno Imbiriba with cake for #20000
Photo by David Friedlander

Dale requested installation of a new 500GB RAID system on one of the Graviational Wave group's servers.

Request #10,000 (Floyd Stecker, April 30, 1998)

no photo was taken of Floyd with the cake.

Floyd requested installation of a new Gateway 2000 Windows system to replace his existing desktop system.

The Request system started in December, 1995.

David Friedlander
27 Jan 2011, updated 12 Mar 2019
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