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John Mather and JWST primary mirror

I shot 53 images of John Mather and the JWST primary mirror as it rotated, and have turned them into a time-lapse movie. Since this was never intended to be a movie (and I had no tripod), it was rather jerky. But YouTube has a stabilize button I tried, which seemed to make a big difference.

This 24-second video represents 1 minute, 46 seconds of real time, so this video effectively shows the mirror moving 4.4 times faster than it did in real life. (i.e., 53 images in 106 seconds)

By the way, this was done as single shots. (The camera is capable of 7 shots per second continuous shooting, but that was deliberately not enabled.)

Time-lapse movie, stabilized by YouTube software:

Original time-lapse movie:

David Friedlander
2 June 2016
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