Physics 315: Galaxies and the Interstellar Medium

centarus A

Centaurus  A

Instructors:Dr. D. Davis & Dr. J. Hewitt

Prerequisite:Physics 122

Lecture Location/Times:

Tu/Th 8:30am-9:45pm

Rm: Math & Psychology 012

Contact: dsdavis'at'umbc'dot'edu

Physics 315 is an introduction to the interstellar medium and galaxies. We will cover elliptical, spiral, and irregular galaxies, as well as the distribution of both stars and gas within them (the interstellar medium). Also included in the class will be discussions of galaxy formation, active galaxies and clusters of galaxies. This class is intended for students who have completed at least Physics 121 and 122 (introductory, calculus based physics) and are interested in the physics of galaxies.

The text is Galaxies in the Universe: an Introduction 2nd edition Sparke & Gallagher. There are also corrections available as errata.

All homework is due at the beginning of class on the day it is due!

Class Lectures & problem sets:


The topic list below is a guide only. As the class progresses and if we need to spend more time on a topic this may change. In addition if there are any additional topics the class would like to see covered this may alter the schedule.

The course will include:

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