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Artist's Concept of a Planetary System NASA Goddard Extrasolar Planets Seminar

Tuesdays, 12:00 AM -- 1:00 PM
Building 34, Room E215

Organizers: Hannah Wakeford, Prabal Saxena, Brian Hicks
& Marc Kuchner

If you'd like to give a talk, or wish to be added to the seminar email list, please send an email to Hannah Wakeford. If you'd like to schedule a time to meet with any of our speakers at GFSC, contact their host.

For more exoplanet-related talks at Goddard, see the LUVOIR Seminar Series.
Upcoming Seminars
November 8 Sally Blumenthal (NASA GSFC) The Role of Disequilibrium Chemistry in Giant Gas Exoplanets and Implications for Observing with JWST Host: Hannah Wakeford
November 29 Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM) Circumstellar Disks: Ages, Compositions and Structures Host: Prabal Saxena
January 10 Johan Mazoyer (STScI) Direct Imaging with ACAD and SCC Host: Brian Hicks
January 17th Vlad Airapetian (NASA GSFC) TBD Host: Prabal Saxena
January 24th Sharon Xuesong Wang (Carnagie DTM) Finding Terrestrial Planets with Precise Radial Velocities Host: Prabal Saxena
January 31st Paul Dalba (Boston University) Prospects for Atmospheric Characterization of Kepler's Cold, Long-Period Exoplanets Host: Hannah Wakeford
March 14th Peter Driscoll TBD Host: Prabal Saxena
2016 Seminars
November 1 Meredith MacGregor (Harvard) Millimeter Studies of Nearby Debris Disks Host: Hannah Wakeford
October 24 Tyler Groff The CHARIS IFS at Subaru Host: Brian Hicks
October 18 Daniel Angerhausen Goodbye Goddard Talk Host: Daniel Angerhausen
October 11 Valeri Makarov (USNO) Rotational states of habitable exoplanets Host: Prabal Saxena
October 4 Sukrit Ranjan (Harvard) Boundary Conditions for Abiogenesis: Constraints on the UV Environment Relevant to Prebiotic Chemistry on Primitive Planetary Bodies Host: Daniel Angerhausen
Spetember 27 Dennis Conti (American Association of Variable Star Observers) The Role of Amateur Astronomers in Exoplanet Research Host: Hannah Wakeford
August 16 Catalina Urrejola (Pontifical Catholic University, Chile) Life at the dry edge: lessons from the Atacama desert Host: Daniel Angerhausen
July 19 Tom Wilson (Exeter) 3D Extinction Mapping of Molecular Clouds and Probabilistic Catalogue Matching Host: Hannah Wakeford
June 21: David Amundsen (NASA-GISS) Simulations of HD 209458b using the UK Met Office Global Circulation Model, the Unified Model Host: Hannah Wakeford
May 17: Jacob Haqq-Misra (Blue Marble Space Institute) Limit cycles, moist greenhouses, and planetary oblateness at the boundaries of the habitable zone Host: Daniel Angerhausen
May 10: Julien de Wit (MIT) Atmospheric Characterization of Planets Beyond the Solar System Host: Daniel Angerhausen
May 3: Johanna Teske (Carnegie DTM) Exoplanet Genetics: What Host Star Chemical Abundances Reveal about Exoplanets Host: Hannah Wakeford
March 22: Steven Silverberg (GSFC, Oklahoma) A Comprehensive Analysis of the Activity of GJ 1243 Host: Marc Kuchner
March 15: Natasha Batalha (GSFC, PSU) A Community Tool for Transiting Exoplanet Science with JWST Host: Daniel Angerhausen
March 8: Jonathan Gagne (Carnegie DTM) BASS-Ultracool: Finding Isolated planetary-mass Objects in the Neighborhood Host: Marc Kuchner
March 1: Holly Sheets (UMD) Statistical Characterization of Reflection and Refraction in the Atmosphere of sub-Saturn Kepler Planet Candidates Host: Daniel Angerhausen
February 9: Mamadou N'Diaye (STScI) New Coronagraph Designs for Future Large Space ObservatatoriesHost: Daniel Angerhausen
February 16: Joe Filippazzo (CUNY) Fundamental Parameters of Substellar Objects Host: Marc Kuchner
February 2: Veselin Kostov (NASA GSFC) Planets with two suns Host: Daniel Angerhausen
January 19: Michael Way (NASA-GISS) Was Venus the first habitable planet of our solar system? Host: Daniel Angerhausen
2015 Seminars
January 13: Ben Placek (Univ. of Albany) Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets with the EXONEST Algorithm: Results and Future Prospects Host: Daniel Angerhausen
January 20: Timothy Brandt (Institute for Advanced Study) Dating Main Sequence Stars Host: Michael McElwain
January 27: Carol Grady (NASA Goddard, Eureka Scientific) Adventures in Planet Hunting in Transitional Disks Host: Marc Kuchner
February 3: Daniel Angerhausen (NASA Goddard) Exoplanet Spectrophotometry from Ground-, Space- and Airborne-based Observatories Host: Marc Kuchner
February 10: Tony Del Genio (NASA GISS) Rocky Planet Habitability - A New NASA GISS-Greenbelt Project Host: Michael McElwain
February 24: Joleen Carlberg (NASA Goddard) The Puzzle of Li-rich Red Giants: New Insights and More Missing Pieces Host: Daniel Angerhausen
March 3: Double Header: Matteo Brogi (Univ. of Colorado) and Kevin Stevenson (Univ. of Chicago) Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution & From Exoplanets to Exoworlds Host: Marc Kuchner
March 10: Prabal Saxena (George Mason Univ.) The Detectability and Utility of Asphericity in Close-In Solid Exoplanets Host: Daniel Angerhausen
March 17: Jeff Chilcote (Univ. of Toronto) Revealing Exoplanets through High-Contrast Imaging with the Gemini Planet Imager Host: Michael McElwain
March 18: Heather Knutson (CalTech) Special Time: Statistics of Long Period Companions in Known Planetary Systems Host: Marc Kuchner
March 24: Éric Hébrard (NASA Goddard) Chemical modeling of (exo)planetary atmospheres Host: Daniel Angerhausen
March 31: Joshua Pepper (Lehigh Univ.) The Power of Small Telescopes: The Next Stage of Exoplanet Discovery Host: Daniel Angerhausen
April 7: Double Header: Neil Zimmermann (Princeton Univ.) and Tom Megeath (Univ. of Toledo) New developments in shaped pupil coronographs for ground and space based imaging & Orion as laboratory of protostellar evolution: results from the Herschel Orion Protostar Survey Host: Michael McElwain
April 21: Marie Ygouf (STScI) PSF subtraction in the context of WFIRST-AFTA Host: Michael McElwain
April 28: Ravi Kopparapu (PSU) Habitable Zones and the Prevalence of Potential Habitable Planets Host: Daniel Angerhausen
May 4: Wladimir Lyra (JPL) Evolution of circumstellar disks and planet formation Host: Marc Kuchner
May 12: Patricio Cubillos (Univ. of Central Florida) The Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Code for Exoplanet Modeling Host: Daniel Angerhausen
June 2: John Krist (JPL) Numerical modelling of the proposed WFIRST-AFTA coronographs and their predicted performances Host: Marc Kuchner
July 9: Alex Richert (Penn State Univ.) Are OB-dominated star-forming regions safe neighborhoods for planet formation? Host: Marc Kuchner
July 14: Pamela Arriagata (Carnegie DTM) Finding our nearest companions with Magellan/PFS Host: Marc Kuchner
August 11: Alissa Bans (Adler Planetarium/University of Chicago) Magnetically-Driven Outflows, Planet Migration, and Citizen Science Host: Marc Kuchner
September 22: Timothy Brandt (Institute for Advanced Study) High Contrast Exoplanet Surveys: from Images to Spectra Host: Michael McElwain
September 29: Johannes Sahlmann (ESA/STScI) Exoplanet science with astrometry from ground and space Host: Karl Stapelfeldt
September 30 2pm B34/E215: Jonathan Lunine (Cornell Univ.) A story of 0: Elemental 0, Juno, Saturn Pro...(be), and what I'll do with my JW GTO Host: Michael McElwain
October 6: Alexandra Greenbaum (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Behind the Coronagraphic Spot: Planet-Forming Regions at Small Angular Separations from the Ground and Space Host: Marc Kuchner
October 13: Mihoko Konishi (NASA/GSFC, Osaka University) Discovery of an Inner Disk around HD 141569 A Host: Marc Kuchner
October 20: Tiffany Meshkat (JPL/Caltech) Searching for Planets in "Holey Debris Disks" Host: Karl Stapelfeldt
October 21 11:00am B34/E215: David Ciardi (NExScI/Caltech) 7 Years of Kepler Follow-Up Observations: Implications for K2 and TESS Host: Aki Roberge
October 27: Joseph Rodriguez (Vanderbilt/Lehigh) Recent Discoveries from the KELT survey Host: Daniel Angerhausen
November 10: Thomas Beatty (Penn State Univ.) The Unique Links Between Transiting Brown Dwarfs and Transiting Hot Jupiters Host: Daniel Angerhausen
December 1: Andrea Banzatti (STScI) The T-R diagram: disk gaps, and the origin of exoplanet compositions Host: Marc Kuchner
December 8: Aparna Bhattacharya (Notre Dame Univ.) WFIRST Exoplanet Mass Measurement with Microlensing Host: Dave Bennett
December 15: Daisuke Suzuki (Notre Dame Univ.) Discovery of a Break in the Exoplanet Mass Ratio Function beyond the Snow Line Host: Dave Bennett

Seminars from Previous Years

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