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[Faith's blog] If you only see one petrified middle finger in your life…

To be honest, I’ve never really understood why people go to crazy lengths to get the autographs of celebrities. It’s just their name in squiggly, illegible handwriting, after all – not worth hours waiting in line, if you ask me. But you know what would be an exciting way to … Continue Reading →


Podcast: Making Data Beautiful

To kick off our special summer series about data, we interviewed 2006 Nobel Laureate John Mather about the importance of imagery in communicating science and sharing data with the public.  More than just “pretty pictures,” data can be used to tell a story and explain the mysteries of the cosmos. … Continue Reading →

Podcast: A Tale of Three Telescopes

Click to listen! (5MB MP3, right-click to save) Transcript (Text, PDF) The telescope on everyone’s mind during this month’s Space Shuttle flight was certainly the Hubble Space Telescope, as astronauts inspected, repaired, and upgraded the satellite for years of additional scientific observations.  But two additional telescopes were aboard Atlantis for … Continue Reading →

[Sara's blog] Gearing Up for 100 Hours

If you look at a calendar, it seems like every day is a holiday somewhere in the world. Today is Flag Day in Aruba. It’s also celebrated as the Pillsbury Doughboy’s birthday. And tomorrow is National Chocolate Caramel Day… I’m not kidding. It also seems like every year is the … Continue Reading →

Podcast: 400 Years, 100 Hours

Click to listen! (7MB MP3, right-click to save) Transcript (Text, PDF) 2009 has been chosen as the International Year of Astronomy because it marks the 400th anniversary of a big event in astronomical history – the first recorded observations of the night sky with a telescope. Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope at … Continue Reading →

NASA Logo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration