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FO Aquarii = H2215-086

A finding chart for FO Aqr

SkyView image of FO Aqr (see important notes).

  • Equatorial: 22h17m55.49s, -08d21m05.4s (J2000)
    The SIMBAD server returns 22h17m57.1s, -08d21m11.2s --- this is 25 arcsec or so off. The above is from the Downes & Shara (1993).
  • Galactic: l=53.00, b=-49.16
Finding Chart:
Patterson & Steiner (1983)
Optical ; fx (2-10 keV)~3.5x10^(-11) ergs/cm/cm/s (ASCA)
IP Credential:
***** (Ironclad)
  • Orbital: 0.202 d = 4.84944 hr = 14738 s, see in optical and X-rays.
    HJD = 2444782.869(2) + 0.2020596(1)E
    (Patterson et al 1998b) for the orbital dip.
  • Spin: 0.01452 d = 20.9 min = 1254s, seen in optical photometry, optical spectroscopy and X-rays.
    HJD = 2444782.9168 + 0.014519035E + 7.002x10^(-13)E^2 - 1.556x10^(-18)E^3
    (Erratum to Patterson et al 1998b) works for 1981-1987. However, given the erratic history of this system, a continuing monitoring would be prudent.
  • Others: spin-orbit and 2spin-orbit seen in X-rays; spin-orbit and possibly spin+orbit seen in optical photometry.
~65 deg? (has grazing eclipse).
~400 pc?


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