AE Aqr
FO Aqr
XY Ari
V405 Aur
HT Cam
MU Cam
DW Cnc
V709 Cas
V1025 Cen
TV Col
TX Col
UU Col
V2069 Cyg
V2306 Cyg
YY Dra
PQ Gem
DQ Her
EX Hya
NY Lup
V2400 Oph
GK Per
AO Psc
WX Pyx
V1223 Sgr
V1062 Tau
IGR 00234
IGR 15094
IGR 17303
Swift J0732
RX J0704
RX J1803
RX J2133
SDSS J233325
XSS 00564

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The Intermediate Polars

Welcome to the Intermediate Polar Home Page, Version 2!

Graph of orbital period plotted against spin period for 35
          Intermediate Polars

Thirty-five of thirty-six Ironclad or Confirmed IPs are shown above in a Porb-Pspin diagram (one confirmed IP, WX Pyx, is not shown, because its orbital period is unknown). Symbols: Open Square for the diskless V2400 Oph, Diamond for the propeller AE Aqr, Pluses for double-pulse IPs, Crosses for soft IPs (an overlapping cross/plus for V405 Aur), Circles for the rest. The vertical dashed lines show the approximate location of the period gap, while diagonal lines are for Porb=Pspin (solid) and Porb=10xPspin (dashed). See the note on the accretion modes of IPs.

See the full catalog, Version 2011a of IPs and IP candidates, updated on 2011 January 5.

Updates on 2011 February 7: (1) The catalog is now available as a VOTable as well, through the above page. You can open it with, e.g., topcat, to plot Pspin vs. Porb, various histograms and so on. (Thanks to Olly Butters for technical assistance). (2) The GCVS folks have started to publish their 80th name list in installments. So far, we have V515 And (=XSS J05564+4548) and V1033 Cas (=IGR J00234+6141) among IPs and HP Cet (=SDSS J023322.61+005059.5), which I regard as a poor candidate. Assuming that the other installments follow on a reasonable time scale, I plan to wait until all four installments of the 80th name list have been published, then update my IP catalog to use the variable star names for these newly designated systems.

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